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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 19, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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sergeant fred silber: we just got a call from one of our people at customs. he told us that they just intercepted an aircraft that had 50 to 100 pounds of marijuana. the crooks already called the shipping company to find out when they could pick it up. we'll know more when we get out there, when we get briefed by the customs people that are involved in this. it's air jamaica exp oh, a rent-a-plane type thing? let me ask you... where's the dope coming from? oh, it is coming from jamaica. okay, is it loaded with yams or anything like that? fish? oh, no wonder you're giving it to us. just what i need at 11:00 at night... to have to stick
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my hands into a bunch of stinking fish. even if it's only a hundred pounds of grass, it comes out to $100,000 wholesale value on the street, 'cause dope's going for about $1,000 a pound when you're buying bulk like that. i gotta find g.a.c.... airports all over the united states are major inbound places for cocaine, marijuana and other narcotics. here in miami, we've got customs working it and they have been pretty effective in being able to identify a lot of it. agent tom trotto: there's a flight that just came in here from--kingston? right--kingston, jamaica and it contains, among other things a large quantity of marijuana. it's concealed in cold fish. the idea here is that the importers already called to pick up the fish. so we're gonna let the pilot taxi the aircraft over and let the warehouse
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people unload it, and we have an inside person that's going to tip us off when they come to get the fish. why don't i take you guys on there? it's a dc-7, a very crude, old aircraft so you gotta climb a ladder and a rope. there's only one plane of this kind in existence, and it's 57 years old. this is... these are the eight boxes here. fish--fish like we've never seen before, this is just scrap fish. they just threw in whatever fish that they caught in the net. basically, we're conducting a surveillance of the aircraft until the time where the cargo goes into the warehouse. we're staying on the airfield with it. we're just making sure we don't lose the contraband. we're letting it go in the warehouse then we'll move outside and wait for the importer. they're off-loading the cargo from the aircraft into the warehouse and the surveillance teams on the outside of the field are telling us that the
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target vehicles are opening their trunks like they are prepared to receive their load. ( radio transmission ) go ahead and film to the right, if you see them. we're going to drive right by them. those are the bad guys. right here--this car. three boxes in so far? ( unclear radio transmission ) everybody stand by. this guy's looking up and down the street real hard. okay, everybody, start rolling in now. roll in now. wax boxes, brown like you described. ( yelling ) get on the ground! get on the ground now! any guns in the car? i don't know yet. put your hands behind your back. what's
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wrong? got any guns? suspect: no, man. pick up the whole block of the fish, like this. there you go. false bottom. throw-down fish. marijuana. grunts--you can catch those out in the bay. ( crowd talking ) really hard-packed. silber: listen this is what we got-- we got a black male subject, uh...jamaican. we got him with probably 80 to 100 pounds of pot. we're going to load him, and charge him with possession of the marijuana stuff. is it possible for somebody to put a detainer on him since he is illegal? now, if you want to help yourself you start telling me the truth. you admit to me that you knew what was going on. you tell
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me how i can get to the main guy. i didn't tell you i knew what's going on. you're not gonna talk to me? no, i did not say i knew what's going on. you better tell me what's going on. i'm trying to. you're not doing a good job. you wanna get deported? that's what you're facing. after you do your time with us, you're gonna end up getting deported. silber: it started out with a good tip from customs. customs and our department work very closely together, and we were able to turn a tip into a good felony case. it never ceases to amaze me how people try to get, uh... their dope into the united states. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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deputy charles hicks: a juvenile called in and says he's got a white male stranger at the front door with a knife trying to force his way into the residence. the guy's left a couple of times, and now he's come back. so, now he's supposedly on his way back again. i don't know what the whole story is here. this guy's being pretty adamant about getting in the house or getting at this kid. woman: i think they're barbecuing they have out-of-town company. oh, okay. boy: stop, or i'll get my dog after you! it's the sheriff open the door, guy. just a minute. all right. it's all right it's us. hold on a second. boy: go! go! i didn't see him unless it's that guy. boy: stay! hicks: what was this guy dressed like? he had jeans on, white shirt, and that's it. an older guy? kind of a little beard and that's it. can you
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tell me what this guy looks like if you see him again? can you identify him? okay. all right. come on out here. you're all right. i really don't want to. i just don't want to. we're here. don't worry about your mom and dad. this door's not locked, right? yeah. go over here and see what the deal is. does he have emotional problems? is he a disturbed child, or anything like that? that's the dad. that's his dad? woman: he doesn't speak english. can you translate for me? can you translate for me? tell him everything's fine. woman: todo esta bien. ¿que paso? woman: yo no se. can you ask him, does his son have any emotional problems-- is he emotionally disturbed? que si el nino tiene emocion desordenale o problemas. yes. hay problemas. is
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he on medication? yes. hay medicacion. has he taken it today? yes. have you been outside? were you right here? you haven't seen anybody-- a white male with a beard and a butcher knife? no. nobody at all. okay. hicks: i got a little boy about your age. i know that sometimes when you're a kid, that you need attention, and things happen. ( starts to protest ) let me finish, okay? and then you can tell me the whole story again. the point is, if there was somebody here, and there was a problem here we need to know that. but if there wasn't... there was! listen to me. no one's gonna believe me, anyways! edwin, has this happened before? yes, yes, my dad already told you. when i was riding my bike. but were the stories true? yes, it was. my cousin was here. no one's gonna believe me, anyway. now, the past thing-- when
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somebody attempted to kidnap you-- was that story true? yes--no one believes me, so what's the difference? you're not listening. i'm asking simple questions. yes, but no one's gonna believe me. why not? no one ever believes when i say the truth. that's why i'm in a stupid handicapped class! just because i'm e.h. doesn't mean i have to be... i want to be a regular kid. you seem like a regular kid to me. i'm not arguing that point with you. you seem like an intelligent kid. if we went to a new city this stuff wouldn't happen. they go to my people's house. they cheated us. they dragged me by my ears, my hair. that's why i turn like this. this isn't my fault. i'm just telling you what these people next door have told me. they didn't see anybody. there wasn't anybody out there. they were standing there for 45 minutes. if this guy walked down the street with a butcher knife
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these people were watching. they said you had the stereo up loud but they were watching... i put it down. i know, but they were watching your house, because the music was loud. they didn't see anybody. i'm not disbelieving here, but if it's not true you need to tell us. if it is true, that's fine. okay? have you ever had children's books read to you? you remember the story about peter and the wolf? the boy who kept crying wolf... ...and nobody came. i'm trying to find out what happened. if that's what happened, i don't want you getting hurt if it is happening and if it's not happening, and you keep crying wolf like that boy in the book, nobody's going to come. i talked to this kid alone and he says what happened tonight is, uh... he says, "i been seeing things." i said, "what do you mean?" he says, "at times i see devils, and
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i see shadows, "and i see things that aren't there, and i have to pray to make them go away." tonight, he thinks what he saw outside was one of these things that he's so deathly afraid of. the kid's deathly afraid of whatever it is he's seeing. i told him "i may be able to get you somewhere. let's go talk to somebody." the reason why i'm so concerned is the kid also told me before i was fixing to leave "i also have these feelings "that if i just hurt myself and kill myself, i won't have to see these things anymore." you talked to dad? yeah, i told him that i may have to take him somewhere and his dad said "no problem." but the kid... whatever he's seeing is scaring him to death. hicks: we got another deputy that's gonna transport him down there with his mother. they'll take him down to south county mental health and have him evaluated.
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if they feel that he's capable of coming home and staying with his parents without any problem, then that's up to them. but by law, we're obligated, if somebody tells us they're going to hurt themselves or they're seeing things like this, they meet the criteria and he'll be evaluated. i don't want that coming back to haunt me, thinking that i left a kid here that i could have helped and he goes in there and kills himself. that's just not gonna happen.
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briefer: so, don't forget it's friday night. the city's hopping already. so don't get hung up on anything stupid out there take your time and listen to your radio. deputy tincu taranu: you see a lot of weird things happen out here. you get the real life on the street. it's a whole different set of rules for life on the street than you got in a lot of areas. i've run into cases when... there's been people that had a $30,000 car.
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they came out here and sold the title for ten dollars worth of crack cocaine. that's how desperate they were for a crack cocaine rock. alto-six. dispatcher: alto-six. 29 on a new york tag, please. six-foxtrot-four-seven-zero. the door's open. see on that side? somebody's going to bail out. that's echo-six-foxtrot, 10-4? ten-four. echo-six-foxtrot- four-seven-zero. go ahead. two-seven and broward on the south side. it's going to be on a gray saab. you got your license and registration? no, come here. what are you doing here? the gentleman in the passenger seat asked me to give him a ride down here. from where? i live on victoria. what's his name? he didn't even give me his name. how can you pick somebody, you
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don't even know the name? he was hitchhiking... hands out of your pocket. number one don't raise your voice. i'm sorry. he was hitchhiking... let me ask you something-- is there anything in the car that's not supposed to be there? not on my... if i find cocaine or guns, i'll take you to jail. not on me. who's got it then? i don't know if anybody has it. don't go nowhere. just slide across the other seat. keep your hands where i can see them. what you doing in this white boy's car? oh, nah... i'm staying with him for the weekend. with a white boy? that's a good friend of my mama's uncle. what's his name? his name... keep your hands out of your pocket. what's his name? russ. russ what? i don't know his last name. he's a good friend of your mama's but you don't know his name. i was trying to pick up. i was trying to pick up,
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all right? i got him, and he asked me to bring him up here i gave him 10 dollars. for a rock, right? yeah. correct? yes. y'all didn't get to your destination? no. police pulled you over. yep. then you turned around and lied to us, right? just tell the truth. yeah, basically. last time you had a rock was when--yesterday? last week when i left new york. tchou: you know what's gonna happen if you don't die from smoking crack cocaine? you're gonna die from a bullet in the head, from these people back here in these streets. i mean, is it worth it? no. i mean, think about it. just for a high? i got pot and cocaine out of it already, and it was on your side. on my side? yeah. he must have put it... are you gonna listen? what did he do with the powder? throwed it under the seat. underneath his seat? no, under the
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seat right here, like... in the back? nah, in the front, right in the middle. in the middle, under the seat? i know he bought some pot and throwed it under there. he throwed something under there. was it in a clear plastic baggie or a brown bag? i don't know what it was in. i ain't look at it. he just asked me to bring him over here. but it was in between the seats, right? yes, sir. be straight with me, and i'll let you go. how much pot did he have on him? a dime. okay. you ain't lying, right? no, sir. you know what this is? driver: yeah, it's a pipe. you know what this white stuff is? yeah. you know what that is? it's residue. that's not residue it's cocaine. all i want is the stuff shorty sells all the time, and i want shorty, okay? i got a pipe on you. you're going for a felony, anyway. if i got to spend the time and money to get a dog... what happens to me? huh? what
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happens to me? if you tell me where the stuff's at you can go home. he had it on him i don't know where it is now. how many rocks did he have on him? probably about six. what did he say when i was pulling him over? did he have it in his hand? he has it in a medicine bottle. in a medicine bottle? what kind? nuprin. huh? nuprin. taranu: where's it at now? shorty: i don't have it. spread your feet. where's it at? there it is. that's his. oh, it's his? he told me to hold it as y'all were starting. i swear to god. i swear... tchou: don't move! shorty: i ain't moving. i told you, man. see, now you got me going to jail for your dope. no, that ain't his. tchou: have a seat. sit down.
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( radio transmissions ) you got a kit? you have a drug problem, take care of the drug problem. you come in here and buy this-- especially from guys like him-- it's gonna get you jacked something's going to happen to you-- especially this time of night. yeah. if you don't try and get help you'll never get nothing done. i hear you. go ahead home, man you have a good night. i'll get in contact with you about this. ( radio transmissions ) juvenile--he's out there selling crack cocaine at 3:00 in the morning. and from his point of view why should he be going to work making an honest living, making four dollars and change an hour when he could be out on the street selling crack cocaine, and making $200 to $300 a day in profit. it just amazes you to see what some
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people will do to make a living especially what young kids will do. officer: 132 and bush i've got him at gunpoint. dispatcher: gunpoint, 132 and bush. cover is code three.
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. good morning, happening now, the vow pope frances made overnight. marking the 10th anniversary over the war in iraq, we will tell you about the bay area memorial for those killed. and putting them in strong contention for hosting super bowl 50, ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now. it is tuesday march 19th, i am brian flores. >> good morning for waking up
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with us early, almost 4:30 steve paulson. almost 4:30 a.m. it is 4:28. >> we had light sprinkles and we have some light rain today, a few high 60s, here is sal. highway 4 as you come through, it is not a bad commute at all, and it is not bad on 680 as you drive towards walnut creek. and on the san mateo bridge looks good going out to the high-rise. happening right now, pope frances has been officially nominated to serve the poor evident and the week -- poorest and the weakest.
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six hours ago he was given a key symbol, before being installed he circled st. peters square in an open vehicle which was not surrounded by broke glass and he bent down to kiss the disabled man in the crowd. they watched the installation and vice-president joseph biden watched the mass. a woman is in the hospital after being hit by a car in concord. police tell us the woman is 20 years old and is expected to survive her injuries. the man who hit her is cooperating with police and did not appear to be intoxicated. it happened in an unincorporated part of
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woodhaven vend drive. san jose police said they were forced to open fire when a suspect driving a stolen car backed into an unparked police cruiser and parked car accelerated towards an officer. he died of his injuries and a passenger was taken in for questioning. >> he tried to accelerate at a high rate of speed. >> they fired one shot towards the suspect... >> it is the second shooting for police involved shooting this month and we have more coming up. a series of bombings in and around baghdad has killed at least 56 people an injured 200. the attacks come on the 10th anniversary of the u.s. led